Schneider Pulse

An All-In-One Smart Panel that easily integrates solar, EV charging, and battery.

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Schneider Pulse Panel is an innovative solar and backup-power ready smart panel for today. Compatible with QO ¾ circuit breakers with Visi-Trip as well as all Schneider Home products (Boost, Inverter, Charge, and Wiring Devices).

Smart home savings with minimal effort

Schneider Pulse is a smart electrical panel that optimizes energy usage and saves you money. By monitoring your appliances and electronics, it identifies excessive energy consumption and makes decisions on what to cut back.

With Schneider Pulse, you can effortlessly connect solar panels, battery storage, and electric vehicle chargers to automate your home and simplify the path to sustainability. Experience reduced electricity bills and reliable power, even during grid outages, thanks to the added intelligence of Schneider Pulse.

Catalog Number: CC18X18M200PCZ

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Typical Bill of Material for Pulse CSED Installation

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Schneider Pulse BC200A1NAWM shown on right

Schneider Pulse Backup Power – Cat: BC200A1NAWM

A cost effective option for existing homes in which the application requires the existing Meter Main to remain in place while seeking backup for critical loads. The Schneider Pulse BC automatically disconnects from the grid during an outage, allowing the system to provide backup power.

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Typical Bill of Materials for Pulse Backup Controller Installation

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Relays in a QO Load Centers?

Square D Control Relays

A cost effective option when you want to convert an existing QO load center into a smart, connected panel, providing enhanced home automation and control over individual circuits.

  • Monitor and control power usage on each circuit to understand and
    manage energy consumption.
  • Easy to maintain — swap out only the individual impacted relay without
    having to replace the entire load center.
  • The Wiser Energy™ home power monitor pairs with control relays to support critical loads during power outages and extends backup battery capacities by enabling remote circuit controls.
    Catalog Numbers: QO200PWX120 & QO200PWX240

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120V and 240V Dual QO Relays

3 Big Reasons Why Schneider Home is Gaining Popularity!

5 boxes into 1 enclosure

Integrates meter, main panel, subpanel, backup switch, and load control with a sleek aesthetic design.

Load control ready

Effectively manages electricity, reducing the need for expensive upgrades to your system.

Easy Installation

Designed for easy installation of solar, storage and electric vehicle charging, reducing time and labor costs.

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